Internal Audit Survey


Survey Questions

Please select the response that best reflects your rating of the audit in the following areas.

The audit objectives, purpose and scope were clearly communicated to me *
My business concerns and perspective on key operating areas were adequately considered during the audit *
The auditor(s) demonstrated technical proficiency in the audit areas *
The auditor(s) demonstrated effective communication skills *
The auditor(s) demonstrated courtesy, professionalism, and a constructive and positive approach *
This disruption of daily activities was minimized as much as possible during the audit *
The audit took an acceptable amount of time (from entrance to exit) *
Communication of audit status to me during the audit was timely and adequately *
The audit report was clearly written, logically organized and issued timely *
Audit results were accurately reported and appropriate perspective was provided *
The conclusion and opinions of the auditor(s) were logical and well documented *
Audit recommendations were constructive and actionable *